"Palatability of Foodstuffs"
May 20, 2005 (Tokyo)

Palatability of Foodstuffs
Keiko Abe, Graduate School Of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Diverse Use and Flavor Comonents of Condiments in Japanese Cuisine
Kikue Kubota, Ochanomizu University
Analysis of dried bonito stock and application to development of food product
Hirokazu Kawaguchi, Seasoning Development & Technology Center, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Scientific research of the deliciousness of chocolate
Nobuaki Takahashi, Research Institute, Morinaga & Co., Ltd.
Relationships between mesostructure and food texture on flour-based products
Tatsurou Maeda, Research Center for Basic Science Research and Development, Quality Assurance Division, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.
Biological approaches for taste evaluation
Hideaki Ushio, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Department of Food Science and Technology
The molecular mechanism of adaptation of taste sensation
Osamu Saitoh and Ikuo Masuho, Dept. of Bio-Science, Faculty of Bio-Science, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
Taste Mapping of Foodstuffs Using Taste Sensors
Hidekazu Ikezaki, Intelligent Sensor Technology, Inc.
How wonderful, happy and delicious tastes and flavors of the Japanese sake transmitted and described in ancient and old literatures
Eiji Ichishima, Department of Bioinformatics, Faculty of Engineering, Soka University

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