"Centenary Anniversary Symposium of Umami Discovery "
April 24, 2008 (Tokyo)

Until UMAMI is internativrally accepted
Kenzo Kurihara, Aomori University
Thought of Kikunae Ikeda
Tetuso Shiba, Protein Res. Foundation, Peptide Inst.
Basic properties of umami and its contribution to the pleasantness of food
Shizuko Yamguchi, Taste & Food Preference Laboratory
Discovery and development of umami taste in 5' -inosinate and 5' -guanylate
Akira Kuninaka, Fac. Pharmacol., Chiba Insti. Sci.
The Course of Miso development and its expected effectiveness
Kawano Kazuyuki, Masuyamiso Food Laboratory
Neurophysiological studies on umami - from past to future -
Takashi Yamamoto. Dept. Nursing and Medical Care, Fac. Health Sci., Kio Univ.
Receptor mechanisms for umami taste -Trends and issues in research -
Kumiko Sugimoto, Fund. Oral Health Care Sci., Sch. Oral Health Care Sci., Fac. Dent., Tokyo Med. Dent. Univ
Physiological significance of umami signaling via taste and visceral sensation
Takashi Kondoh, Insti. Life Sci. Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
Agricultural chemistry and taste research
Keiko Abe, Grad. Sch. Agri. Ad Life Sci., Univ. Tokyo

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