The 2nd International Symposium on Umami Taste / Sicily, Italy


October 7-10,1990(Sicily)

October 7-10,1990
Sunday, October 7, 20:30
Welcome Party (Buffet Style)
Monday, October 8, Morning
Opening Remarks
08:30 Kawamura,Y., President,SRUT
Taste and Acceptance
Chairperson: Kawamura,Y.
09:00 Yamaguchi,S.
Fundamental Properties of Umami in Human Taste Sensasion.
09:30 Schiffman,S.S.
Taste of Glutamate Salts in Young and Elderly Subjects: Role of Inosine 5′-Monophosphate and Ions.
09:50 Halpern,B.P.
Temporal Pattern of Taste Quality for MSG.
10:10 Discussion
10:40 Refreshment Break
Chairperson: Beauchamp,G.K.
11:00 Fuke,S. and Konosu,S.
Contribution of Umami Substances to the Taste of Foods: A Review of Researches by Omission Test.
11:20 BellisIe,F.
Monosoidum Glutamate as a Palatability Enhancer in the European Diet.
11:40 Discussion
12:20 Lunch
Monday, October 8, Afternoon
Receptor and Transduction
Chairperson: Hellekant,G.
14:00 Kurihara,K.
Large Synergism Between MSG and Nucleotides and Differentiation Between Umami and Salt Components in Canine Taste Nerve Responses.
14:30 Fujita,T.
Taste Cells in the Gut and on the Tongue: Their Common, Paraneuronal features.
14:45 Yoshie,S., Wakasugi,C., Teraki,Y., Kanazawa,H., Iwanaga,T. and Fujita,T.
Response of the Taste Receptor Cell to the Umami-substance Stimulus. An Electron-microscopic Study.
15:00 Discussion
15:30 Refreshment Break
Chairperson: Schiffman,S.
15:50 Bryant,B. and Leftheris,K.
Structure/Activity Relationships in the Amino Acid: Taste Receptors of Catfish.
16:10 Brand,J.G.
Transduction Mechanisms for the Taste of Amino Acids.
16:30 Faurion,A.
Physiology of Umami Taste Receptor Sites: Are They Similar to Brain Glutamate Receptor Sites?
16:50 Discussion
17:30 Close of Session
Tuesday, October 9. Morning
Perception and Discrimination
Chairperson: Faurion,A.
08:30 Ninomiya,Y., Tanimukai,T., Yoshida,S., and Funakoshi,M.
Gustatory Neural Responses of Preweanling Mice to Umami Substances.
08:50 Yamamoto,T., Matsuo,R., Fujimoto,Y., and Fukunaga,I.
Electrophysiological and Behavioral Studies on the Taste of Umami Substances in the Rat.
09:10 Hellekant,G. and Ninomiya,Y.
The Taste of Umami in the Chimpanzee.
09:30 Adachi,A. and Aoyama,M.
Neuronal Responses to the Nucleus of Tractus Solitarius to Oral Stimulation with Umami Substances.
09:50 Discussion
10:30 Refreshment Break
Tuesday, October 9, Morning (Continued)
Brain Mechanism and Eating Behavior
Chairperson: Norgren,R.
10:50 0omura,Y., Nishino,H., Karadi,Z., Aou,S. and Scott, T.R.
Taste Modulation of Feeding Related Neurons in Behaving Monkey.
11:20 Ono,T.
Hypothalamic Regulation on Umami and Salt Appetite Related to Amino Acid Balance.
11:40 Discussion
Chairperson: Oomura,Y.
12:00 Norgren,R. and Nishijo,H.
Parabrachial Gustatory Responses to Monosodium Glutamate and Nucleotides in Awake Rats.
12:20 Rolls,E.T. and Wiggins,L.L.
Neurons in the Cortical Taste Areas of Primates with Preferential Responses to Monosodium Glutamate.
12:40 Discussion
13:30 Lunch
Afternoon and Evening Free
Wednesday, October 10, Morning
Nutrition and Preference
Chairperson: Nicolaidis,S.
08:30 Gietzen,D.W.
Neurochemical Correlates of Food Intake Responses to Disproportionate Amounts of Dietary Amino Acids.
09:00 Torii,K., Mori,M. and Kawada,T.
Taste Perception, Nutritional Status and the Brain
09:20 Kimura,S. and Kim,C.H.
Nutritional Studies on the Roles of Dietary Protein Levels and Umami on the Preference Response to Sodium Chloride for Experimental Animals and Human
09:50 Discussion
10:20 Refreshment Break
Chairperson: Halpern,B.P.
10:35 Pritchard,T.C.
Preference Behavior of Old World Monkeys for Amino Acids and Other Gustatory Stimuli: The Effects of Monosodium Glutamate.
10:55 Booth,D.A.
Human Perception and Preference for Umami Taste in Foods.
11:15 Beauchamp,G.K.
Human Development and Umami Taste.
11:35 Discussion
12:15 Lunch
Wednesday, October10, Afternoon
Physiological Response and Metabolism
Chairperson: Booth,D.A.
13:20 Nicolaidis,S. and Viarouge,C.
Effect of Umami Taste on Energy Metabolism
13:50 Naim,M.,Ohara,I. and Kare,M.R.
Interaction of MSG Taste with Nutrition; Perspectives in Consummatory Behavior and Digestion
14:10 Niijima,A.
The Reflex Effects of Oral and Intestinal Stimulation with Umami Substance (MSG) on the Efferent Activity of the Gastric Branch of the Vagus Nerve
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Refreshment Break
Chairperson: Kurihara,K. and Kawamura,Y.
15:15 General Discussion
Closing Remarks
16:45 Nicolaidis,S.
17:00 Close of Symposium