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Symposium: “Taste and beyond – integration of nutrient sensor functions in oral cavity and gut” in International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste XVI/ Stockholm, Sweden


International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste XVI June 26, 2012(Stockholm, Sweden)

Modulation of sensitivities of oral and gut taste sensors by endogenous factors
 Yuzo Ninomiya, Mayu Niki, Masafumi Jyotaki, Noriatsu Shigemura, Tadahiro 
 Ohkuri and Ryusuke Yoshida
Role of gut nutrient sensing in stimulating appetite
 JAnthony Sclafani
Sensing of amino acids by the gut expressed 1R1-T1R3 leads to cholecystokinin (CCK) secretion
 Soraya P Shirazi-Beechey, Yuzo Ninomiya, Miran Al-Rammahi and Kristian Daly
Taste cells of the gut and endocrine cells of the tongue
 Robert F Margolskee
Nutrient sensing in the gut: physiological implications in the control of food intake
 Christoph Beglinger