Info on Taste & Smell

“An amino-acid taste receptor” (Nature advance online publication)

The advance online edition of the Nature journal states that scientists have identified the receptor we use to taste amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. “The receptor, T1R1+3, seems to be involved with umami, the savory taste of meats and other foods that are rich in amino acids called glutamates.”

Recently, a mGluR4 splice variant has been reported as a candidate umami receptor. The authors say their results demonstrate that T1R1 and T1R3 combine to function as a broadly tuned amino-acid receptor.

Nelson,G., Chandrashekar,J., Hoon,M., Feng,L., Zhao,G., Ryba,N. and Zuker,C.Nature advance online publication, 24 February 2002 (DOI 10.1038/nature726)