Info on Taste & Smell

“The original paper on umami by Dr. Kikunae Ikeda has been translated and published after nearly 100 years interval.”

The first paper on umami, Journal of the Chemical Society of Tokyo, 30, 820-836, 1909, was translated into English and published.

New Seasonings. Kikunae Ikeda, Chem. Senses, 27, 847-849, 2002

This translation was introduced by three letters: “A Paper of Historical Significance ” (Barry Ache et al., Chem. Senses, 27, 841, 2002), “The Discovery of Umami” (Bernd Lindemann et al., Chem. Senses, 27, 843-844, 2002) and “What’s in a Name? Are MSG and Umami the Same?” (Bruce Halpern, Chem. Senses, 27, 845-846, 2002)