What is Umami? S. Yamaguchi
K. Ninomiya
Basic Properties of Umami and Its Effects on Food Flavor S. Yamaguchi
Natural Occurrence
Natural Occurrence K. Ninomiya
Umami Taste and Traditional Seasonings Y. Yoshida
History and Use of Umami
Umami in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia S. Otsuka
Umami (Xian-Wei) in Chinese Food T. Nakayama
H. Kimura
Indian Cuisine and Umami Y. Sei
Physiology and Nutritional Aspects of Umami
Central Mechanism of Umami Taste Perception and Effect of Dietary Protein on the Preference for Amino Acids and Sodium chloride in Rats K. Torii
Nutritional Effects of Umami in the Human Diet
Nutritional Effects of Umami in the Human Diet F. Bellisle
Sensory Enhancement of Foods for the Elderly with Monosodium Glutamate and Flavors S. S. Schiffman