Palatability and healthy life

June 13,2003 (Tokyo)

Palatability and life. Shizuko Yamaguchi, Dept. of Nutrition, Faculty of Applied Biosciences, Tokyo University of Agriculture
The pleasure of creating good taste and dish. Hideki Oouchi, TEA Club Seijo
The valuation of tea: oolong tea is the best one. Yokichi Matsui, Research Center, Institute for Food & Beverage, Suntory Limited.
Eat throuogh the mouth to live with dignity. Setsuko Kanaya, Clinical Nutrition Department, Seirei Mikatabara General Hospital
Control of salt-intake behavior by central nervous system. Eiji Watanabe, National Institute for Basic Biology and PREST of Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Reactions to palatability: Roles of bioactive substances in the brain. Takashi Yamamoto, Behavioral Physiology, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Chew up well to live healthily: Roles of histamine neurons in regulation of energy metabolism Toshiie Sakata, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Nutritional Sciences, Nakamura Gakuen University
Importance of oral sensory function and eating for patient with oral cancer – Pleasure of eating and life. Masaaki Takita, Dep. Oral Surg., Saiseikai Nakatsu Hospital