ISOT2016 Satellite Symposium on Taste: Basic tastes and moreover

ISOT Satellite Symposium on Taste: Basic Tastes and Moreover  (In conjunction with ISMNTOP/SRUT/YRUF/AISCRIB2016)

In conjunction with
●International Symposium on Molecular and Neural Mechanisms of Taste and Olfactory Perception(ISMNTOP)
●YR Umami Forum (YRUF)
●Asian International Symposium on Chemo-Reception and Ingestive Behavior(AISCRIB)
●The Society for Research on Umami Taste (SRUT)

June 4, 2016(Tokyo)


■Plenary session
Plenary talk
Oleocanthal: Discovery, Mechanism and Potential

 Gary K Beauchamp (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
Special talk 1
New wave of the science of food for health and the position of taste research in Japan

 Keiko Abe (Univ. of Tokyo)
Special talk 2
Taste Sensor

 Kiyoshi Toko (Kyushu Univ.)
Special talk 3
Flavor preferences acquired by umami substances are based on taste-flavor learning in weanling rats

 Takashi Yamamoto (Kio Univ.)
■Session I Cellular, neural and behavioral analyses on taste quality coding
SI-1 Coding Umami taste from taste buds to afferent neurons
 Nirupa Chaudhari (Univ. of Miami)
SI-2 Shedding light on function of Type III taste cells
 Sue C Kinnamon (Univ. of Colorado)
SI-3 Behavioral Evidence for T1R-Independent Taste Receptor Mechanisms in the Signaling of Select Carbohydrate Stimuli
 Alan C Spector (Florida State Univ.)
■Session II Taste perception influenced by heredity and environment
SII-1 MSG perception and bitter blocking: evaluation of new candidate genes by genome wide and transcriptional methods.
 Danielle R Reed (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
SII-2 Complex genetics of sweet taste: Oral and extraoral mechanisms
 Alexander A Bachmanov (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
SII-3 Disruption in the relationship between blood pressure and salty taste thresholds among overweight and obese children
 Nuala K Bobowski (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
■ Session Ⅲ Beyond the basic tastes
SIII-1 The Tastes of Calcium and Phosphorus
 Michael G Tordoff (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
SIII-2 Molecular mechanisms to generate the diversity of taste cells
 Ichiro Matsumoto (Monell Chem. Senses Ctr)
SIII-3 A modifier for oral sensation: expression of receptors and distribution of ligands
 Yutaka Maruyama (Ajinomoto Co. Inc.)
SIII-4 Involvement of the functional Interaction between TRP channels and anoctamin1 in the pungent sensation
 Makoto Tominaga Okazaki Inst. for Integ. Biosci.
[Discussants: Julie Mennella (Monell Ctr), Thomas E Finger (Univ. Colorado)]